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Two waterpolo lovers, players, coaches have crossed each other’s walk of life.., and the story goes on… it goes on the way that the opportunity they offer can help your dreams come true.

The town of Szentes is involved in this story as a base of the American-Hungarian sports relations. Szentes Water Polo Club, the town leadership and the Hungarian Water Polo Association provide substantial support to this program.

Our goal is to strengthen the US – Hungarian sports relations based on the water polo sport.

On one hand we offer the opportunity for Hungarian athletes to try their abilities in the traditional US water polo summer tournaments and winter cups. Our intention - besides offering a useful way of spending free time– is to introduce the American club life, university and college education, sports life and cultural, natural and social background of the country to young Hungarian water polo players. It comes with the territory that your English skills will certainly improve, and if you are an outstanding student athlete we can help you exploring fellowship opportunities.
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If you are a good water polo player and want to enter a whole new world of opportunities through the sport, browse our web site and fill in the application form. We will contact you directly.

On the other hand there are American club and high school teams that are up to visit Hungary, because they appreciate Hungarian water polo and are open to get an insight in our culture. The story has just begun, come get involved. Winners will get the medal…
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